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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Blog Sale Page 1

I've been sorting through the kitchen stuff and have tons of stuff to get rid of.A few of you said you wanted a blog sale so I'm going to list a few of the items.
Sold Thanks RA! Hand Painted wood sign 20 inches long by 8 inches long  $10
Antique Grey swirl graniteware ladle this hangs well on a cupboard door $10
Sold Thanks RA! Antique small yelloware bowl has a flebite on rim and hairline inside (see it in back) 5.5 inches diameter 3 inches tall  $9
Antique Blue Grey Graniteware scoop ladle $12

Sold Thanks L! Antique wood masher has a small drying crack  $9
Sold Thanks S! Antique green stoneware small bowl in great shape 5 inches diameter and 2.5 inches tall $12
Sold Thanks L! Antique Tin Bird Cookie Cutter $9
Old Grater $5
Sold Thanks CC! Old Band Box Wood Scoop or dry measure Copper nails $15

Terms of Sale..Shipping is not included in price.I will combine your order and get you the cheapest shipping possible.Paypal only.Remember you can use credit and debit cards through paypal.I will close auctions friday afternoon as hubby will be taking whats left to market.Email me at cottageprims@hotmail.com with your order,email you want invoice sent to and address so I can total shipping.I will update sold items throughout day.Thanks!~Amy