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Monday, March 28, 2011

Blog Yard Sale Final Listing

Today will be the last day for the blog yard sale.This is the last listing.I still have a ton of stuff and have to remodel two more rooms so in about a month I might do it again since this went over so well.The kitchen should be interesting as hubby has a ton of stuff to sort through in there.I'll accept orders till 4 o'clock this afternoon then will invoice this evening for the people who are still adding. If you are done email me and I'll get you invoiced.I will get all the orders shipped by the end of the week.There is still lots left in listings 1-9 so scroll through and see if missed anything.Paypal only..Buyer pays shipping which will be cheapest rate and I will combine. cottageprims@hotmail.comSold Thanks M! Antique biscuit cutter dated 1889 $10
Old Hand made lace.Tea/tan color 5 inches diameter $5
SOLD Thanks L! Antique tin finger scoop. 5.5 inches long 3.5 inches wide $9
SOLD Thanks J! Miniatue salt glazed crock beesting on one side,heart on back 2inches tall $4
Antique turks head mold inside is clean and could be used .Opens.Used in days gone by for puddings(like bread pudding,or steamed pudding) Ice creams, and during the early 1900's for molded salads(geletian) 1800's era $15
Vintage Mammy Cast Iron Dime Bank $15
Chicken egg holder dated 1969 $4
Rare early childs ball.Hand stitched leather.Looks like a giant softball 16 inches round $12
1940's bisque baby in original box. $18

SOLD Thanks L! Old saddle soap tinwith neat litho $3
SOLD Thanks L! Vintage bisque head doll.Cloth body needs a dress $5
SOLD Thanks JB! Pottery bunny signed eldreth 4 inches tall $5
SOLD Thanks L! Old carved wood molds blocks.One has a girl the other a boy with a hoop $8pair
SOLD Thanks J! Miniature 1.5 inch heart crock $1
Miniatue Dresden crock 1.5 inches $1


Janet said...

Thanks so much for entering my giveaway and posting it to your sidebar!
Good luck!

Margie said...

Oh darn...how did I miss all those goodies. I LOVE that saddle soap box. Oh well, next time around I guess !!!