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Saturday, December 11, 2010


Well I think I'm finished with the holiday shopping.For once I had a little extra this time of year we usually struggle a little as my husband is self employed contracter and not many people want work from october - March with holidays and taxes and such but this year he got a flip house for the real estate owner he does work for.So I was able to give a little extra this year and not have to worry about the mortgage getting paid late.LoL...This morning I got it done.Brianna wanted one of those little turtles so bad and I agreed to get it so it's all she talks about ,well come to find out they outlawed them in Pennsylvania and they don't sell them.. something about the kids were swallowing them and saminilla poison.So the only other turtle that would have worked was $100 not including all the accessories and food he would have needed..No way can I afford that..So Hubby and I decided on a Beta Fish beautiful blue with fan tail and the accessories to go with him.I call him kringle she'll name him when she gets him.Problem is I have to take care of it now for two weeks till christmas.Hope he survives(they said easy to care for and sturdy and live 3-5 years) or worse I hope I don't get attached (smile)...I got him some live plants to hide in,a glass bowl and blue stones plus food.I hope she loves him..Since her and hannah are twins most people get them the same or expect them to share (not happening)..I always get them differnt so hannah got a handmade doll and a smores kit....Yesterday we got our first dusting of snow,wintry mix moving in this afternoon and on and off all week.So I'm glad to be done.Now I can nest and bake and enjoy the holidays...I was mad though got all excited to make these candies I seen on a blog a few days ago.They were called Yurtles like turtles but you use a round pretzel,put a rollo in the middle and a pecan on top and then put in the oven to melt.Easy right,well no because our local store carries basics,Giants did not have the pretzels and my third attempt walmart was sold out of rollos I even made hubby ask and no round pretzels.So I gave up..I make all kinds of stuff so there will be plenty..
Hubby is making chili for dinner so I might make a few differnt candies today since It'll be a lazy day.Last night we went to the antique mall and hubby bought something for me for christmas it's driving me nuts what it could be.I tend to poke and he rushes through so it's easy for him to get me a gift.He was excited by "whatever" it is and ask if I want it early.Tempting but no I already got the putz sheep early and I like the excitement to build.I'm like a kid.LoL..Christmas morning is still magical for me...Well girls not much going on my way today.Just wanted to stop in and say Hi! Hope You all have a cozy weekend!Warm Blessings!~Amy


Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

What a pretty wreath and how nice that you are able to do for everyone without difficulty. I quit buying for my children when they started giving me so many grandchildren! :) We have all agreed to not go overboard for the grandchildren either. Poppa and I fill a gift bag with what we consider stocking stuffers and they all seem to be happy!
Please visit my post "I'M ON A MISSION" and find some tips to make your blog more reader friendly.

Jessica @BeforeTheDawn said...

Hubby and I will be doing our shopping today. We've had to spend money on doctor visits lately so we had to wait until the next paycheck rolled around. I can't wait to get the kids a gift or two today!

Have a good weekend! :)

Blessings, Jessica

renee said...

Well I am snowed in! We are getting somewheres' around 20" of snow! My husband and son are snowblowing now, and the snow is over halfway up the sides of the vehicles! I am so glad I got the shopping done last night!
I hope that Brianna will enjoy the Beta! Chili sounds good on a cold, snowy day! I love the metal horse you have pictured, very nice!
I am hoping to get my shelf hung today.
My husband said it's the best makeover I have done so far. He wants me to do the table and the other table the same. Well, easy for HIM! LOL! I am the one that has to do them! LOL!
I hope to post a few pictures, when I am done.
I started a project for our swap already too! I am just trying to get a head start!
Have a good day!

Deppen homestead 1862 said...

Beautiful pictures!
Just send that wreath over to me! I have the perfect place for it! It is so pretty!

enjoy your day!

A Primitive Homestead said...

So sorry to hear you were not able to get the turtle & the concerns. We have had a red slider turtle for about 4 years. They are still sold in the pet stores around our part of PA for around $30.00. I just cleaned his tank this past weekend. I never allow my son to play with or hold his turtle due to the concerns of sam. posion. I will be posting a photo of the turtle in a future post. We had one of those fish for a very long time & enjoyed it much. Blessings!

Growing Up A Country Girl said...

I found my way thru a Farm Wife's Life - I'll be back to visit when I can sit and read.... Have a great day!

Rabbit Hill Primitives said...

Hi Amy!! Thanks for the kind comments on my blog. Your blog is so beautiful....I can't even get my house decorated!!

We had a beta also and he lasted for 3+ years...with not the greatest maintenance but a lot of love.

Also I've made those yurtles before and they are wonderful but (maybe you already know this) you can do the pretzel with a small peanut buttercup or snickers bar and an m&m on top in Christmas colors the same way. They are yummy also and very festive. Your nieces would love them, my daughter sure does.

I'll be checking back with your blog and thanks again!!! Have a wonderful week ~ Jenn :)

soggibottom said...

Lovely post AMY.

Turtles grow anyway. :-) I think she will love the fish just as much.. :-) x x x