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Friday, February 13, 2015

Hearts to warm you

 Oh my has it been ccc cold! Thought I'd drop in and share my Valentines  Decor..Not much exciting here..Been walking around the antique malls some. Starting to get stir crazy for spring and junking.I buy a ton of smalls in the summer for Etsy and pack them in antique cigar boxes.I always forget what I've bought some go back a few years so it's always interesting in the pulling them out and looking for something to list... Ready to do some markets I miss hunting and also the socializing.Hubby does most of the selling so I have to set up and clean up but pretty much I get to enjoy myself.... I have had some extra time with my nieces. They are growing so fast...
 Hannah and I had a snow day about a week ago just me and her.Did nails, made jewelry, watched girl flicks.It was good to just have her since her sister is always so clingy with me they normally fight.
 The month is just flying by. Can't believe it's the middle of February already.It's supposed to be below freezing and snow for Valentines so hubby is going to make me Sausage and pancakes for breakfast, Then stuffed pork chops with apple~cranberry stuffing for dinner.We decided a cozy lazy day around the house would be wonderful....
 Not much really happening here just trying to keep warm and enjoying time with family before things get busy again. I'm thankful that I can see cousins, aunts, uncles,grandma and nieces and nephews each Sunday. It truly is a blessing. Even when we were young we went to the great grandparents for Sunday dinner.Of course they are passed but am so glad my grandma carries it on.
Well for my swap girls.I'll have the Spring swap posted in the next few days.Hope you all have a wonderful Valentines.~Amy



Hi Amy...I love your valentine decor...didn't even get anything out. At least you got to spend quality time with your niece, which was very nice. This winter has been brutal on everyone. My bones have had it. Bring on Spring anytime! need to catch up...Hugs,

Primitive Stars said...

Hi Amy, sounds like a great cozy day. Love all your wonderful hearts, the stitchery pillow tucks are so sweet. Very cold here tonight,-40 with the windchill. Happy Valentines Day, Francine.

Marsha @ Tattered Chick said...

Happy Heart Day, Amy!!!! Spending time with loved ones is a blessing! xoxo

Christine said...

Love and hugs Amy! You and hubs just enjoy your time together!
You have so many pretty hearts and stitcheries I love!

Earlene L. said...

Amy your pics are perfect for Valentines. Love the smalls groupings.
Enjoy your day, sounds like you surely will.

Raymond Homestead said...

Hi Amy, sounds like you are going to have a nice Valentine's Day! Love your Valentine displays!

Allison said...

Hi Amy~I love all your hearts and valentines groupings. We go to my in-laws every Sunday for dinner. Growing up one set of grandparents lived three hours away and the other ones lived in Washington state, more then a hop and a skip away, I never had Sunday meals with the grandparents. My kids enjoy going every Sunday. I haven't read blogs for a week and was checking yours to make sure I didn't miss the next swap! Your valentine's day meals sounds wonderful. We went to Applebees last night with a gift card, we were going to take the kids but they didn't want Applebees so we picked up pizza for them. Today we're hoping to grill steaks. Have a wonderful day!!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Everything looks wonderful.
It's snowing again in northern Ohio. It looked like it was letting up a bit ago, and now it's nearly white out conditions. Enough!!!
Happy Valentine's Day.
Hugs :)

Terri Steffes said...

MMMM. Your food sounds delish! Loving the pillows! Looking forward to the Spring swap!

Margs Primitive Quilts said...

Ok..you will all be happy...I have had enough of winter...Spring can come anytime now. It is sooo cold here. Stormy like everything. It is to feel like -40 before long. It's snowing and blowing so hard I can't even see out my windows! Enjoy your Valentines Day inside. Mmm, hubby is making you a delicious dinner, we had plans to go out, but that has changed.
Hugs Marg.

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Love all you Valentine displays Amy!
Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's day too!