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Wednesday, November 19, 2014


 Oh my is it cold! Wasn't ready yet. What happened to fall? Today we had to drive to the city to see hubby's Dr and so many people without coats or wearing shorts and a coat.My first thought is they were nuts then I thought maybe they really don't have winter coats.My girlfriend gave me some coats for my nieces which they do not need so I'm going to make sure to donate them today along with some other clothes and a small donation for the food bank which a few girls in the ornie swap sent extra too.We have local ones that give directly to the needy for free. So I know it's going to someone who needs it. ..I do like the drive to the city though all the old houses and details even though most don't notice,yes I like watching the people too.(even though hubs usually yells at me on that) I get a little over stimulated I think since I'm a small town girl my whole life...smile.. On another note hard to believe Thanksgiving is next week...
 I was looking through my pics and realized I forgot to show you my goodies from the Maryland trip about a month ago.I found the best stand, the girls had antique shop they closed and had wonderful prims. I bought alot to sell but did end up keeping these two large hooked rugs. ..
 And this!!!!!!
Antique wood bucket original blue paint. A girl ask for a deal on it before I could add it to my pile and my heart dropped. Her answer was Ok I'll think about it and walked away.I grabbed it quickly.LoL..Well girls I need to get busy.For the girls in the ornie swap all the ornies will be in the mail by friday. I've been sending out a few each day since I send my orders I don't want to overwhelm hubby.He says the christmas lines have already begun.LoL...Hope you all are having a great week! Stay warm.~Amy


Jessica said...

Those are really great finds Amy! Love them all.

Primitive Stars said...

Ehi Amy, that is one beautiful blue bucket, I llove it. Always enjoy seeing your goodies. Keep Cozy, Francine.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Love that sheep rug and the bucket is to-die for wonderful.
Happy Thanksgiving.

Christine said...

Gorgeous rugs and the bucket is such a find! LOVE it so much!
Have a great week!

Leslie said...

Brrrrr.. I am with you! : )
Great finds, I love the bucket. I imagine it filled with christmas greens and holly berries ~
Have a great day.

Barefoot Primitives said...

If I didn't have to get out in it...winter would be just super! LOL There's something to be said of the peaceful quiet after a snow though. ;o)
Love all your finds!

Raymond Homestead said...

I see so many people wearing shorts in the winter.....brrrr.....! Neat blue bucket!

Lisa Diane said...

Hi Amy!!! :-) My hubby is one of those CRAZIES who wears shorts all winter long -- he's just never cold, where I am always cold! I love your bucket, but when I first looked at that picture, it was the wooden house that made my heart skip a beat...I'm not that "antique-savvy" I'm afraid! LOL Why would you get yelled at for people-watching??... unless you are whistling or cat-calling, then I'd yell at you too! (hee hee!) Have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving, dear friend! ((((((HUGS!))))))

Jessica said...

Thank you Amy for the cute snowman ornament! Thank you and your hubby for hosting the swap and being willing to mail them all out to everyone.

Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you are feeling better!

Blessings from Jessica

Allison said...

Happy late thanksgiving! I love the wooden house!

Thanks for the cute ornaments from the ornie swap!