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Monday, November 10, 2014

Merry Christmas Swap Sign Up

I know I'm late.. It's been a rough week my paternal grandma passed away which was kinda unexpected for me and akward because I had to see so many relatives I was not raised around.I have fond memories from childhood visits.Plus I've had a cold that just seems to want to hang on. So here we are..(I know finally LoL).... This Is a closed swap Which means you must have been in at least one other swap I've held (Ornie swap counts) or I must know you well which means you are a regular follower who comments,email me if you are not sure. Sometimes I will make a exception to the rule but I will decide on a individual basis as it's the busy time of year and I can't have to worry about any of the girls being hurt . Our next open swap will be in  January...
To sign up email me at cottageprims@hotmail.com with the following info you are welcome to copy and paste.
  • Email
  • Blog URL
  • Name and Address
  • Your last 2 swap partners if you are a regular ( since this not open you might have to swap with someone you've swapped with before)
  • Are you willing to ship to canada it only cost a few dollars extra?
  • If needed can you take a extra partner? I usually pick up the extra but occasionally I need someone to take someone to match properly.
The following is optional but helps your partner get to know you better and helps with matching
  • Any allergies?
  • Favorite scents or scents that you do not like?
  • Anything special you are looking for or collect like old childs dishes, wood bowls, cookie cutters, old photos?
  • What is your decorating style?
  • Do you like spice and grunged tattered or more traditional ?
  • What types of things do you like or motifs throughout your house? examples pineapples,stars,crows,nest,bees, certain breed of dog, dolls, penny rugs...
  • What colors do you decorate with?
  • Favorite little indulgences like candy, tea, scented lotion?
I will always email you a confirmation saying I received your info so if you don't hear from me within 24 hours I did not receive your email..

This is our big swap so give as you would like to receive. Simple rules since you all know what you are doing. Their must be at least 5 items in the box and since it's our special swap one item must be a doll at least 6 inches tall.The other items can be holiday,winter or just general year round.. You must email your partner within 3 days and say Hi! once you recieve her info.You must mail no later than Dec 11th.with tracker # YOU MUST POST A THANK YOU ON YOUR BLOG. We all enjoy seeing what the group creates and sends and it is just common courtesy.

Sign ups are open till Nov 16th. All images are from Etsy sellers with their shop names so you can visit and shop if you'd like.Lets's have Fun! ~Amy


Blessings in the Country said...

I'm so sorry about your gramma and the awkward family times. I know that is tough. ((hugs)) Praying you kick this cold soon too!

Thank you for being a great swap host. I am officially signing up and can't wait to meet my partner. Email sent. :) ~Jessica

Cindi said...

I am so excited! I have been waiting for this!

So sorry about your Grandma and that darn cold that just won't leave you alone!

I am signing up and will be emailing you shortly!

Take care my friend!

Primitive Stars said...

Afternoon Amy, sorry to hear about your loss, sad........... Please count me in this swap, will email info. Blessings Francine.

Allison said...

Amy-- So sorry to hear of your Grandma passing.
My cousin passed away last week, he was living overseas so we don't know when the services will be.

Di said...

Even with your loss you are taking care of those around you! Thank you for this swap. I would love to participate. Di@Cottage-Wishes


Sign me up Amy...I am really excited about the swap! I am so very sorry about your Grandma. Prayers for you. Hope your cold is getting a little better. Will email you tomorrow. Hugs, Linda

Danice said...

Oh my, sorry to hear of your grandma passing. Praying for you and your family. 'Hope you feel better soon also. Sign me up for this Christmas Swap. Emailing you right now :)

Becky said...

Sorry to hear about your grandma.Hope your cold goes away soon. Please sign me up for the Christmas Swap. It's my favorite swap. Thanks so much for hosting the swaps. I will email you my info.

Sandi @ The Primitive Skate said...

Hello Amy-
So Sorry to hear about your Grandma.
And I hope you feel better soon!
I would Love to be included in on the Swap. I will e-mail you my info.


Leslie said...

Sorry to hear about your grandma and your cold. Hope that you are feeling better!!! : )

Have a wonderful week. : )

1890* said...

I am so sorry for your loss my sweet Amy! Hoping that your memories will comfort you and your dad XXOO
Sign me up Please ;0)
Prayers for comfort &((HUGS))

Barefoot Primitives said...

So sorry about your gramma sweetie.

Yes please sign me up... emailing you now.

Wendy @ Ravenwood Whimzies said...

I'm so sorry for your loss Amy. Sending hugs. I'm going to sit this one out, as Theresa & I already do a Christmas swap, and I need time to do that.

Trace4J said...

Good Morning
So very sorry to hear of your lose.
I hope you are feeling better too.
Yes you've had a rough week for sure.
Sending you a big ole woolie hug

Marsha @ Tattered Chick said...

So very sorry Amy for your loss. You have a special angel watching over you. Prayers are being said for you and her. Xoxo Marsha