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Monday, December 10, 2012

Merriment Days 9 ~ 13

 Well Playing catch up today on the Merriment Chain.To be honest it doesn't feel much like Christmas is here already.I've been so busy and the weather feels more like fall.But the temps are supposed to drop again tomorrow and we'll be piling the girls into the car for a night of hot cocoa and christmas lights.I'm also hoping to get a all day marathon of watching all those Lifetime and Children Classic movies,can't forget Christmas Story that should get me in the spirit..smile...Ok so 5 days to catch up on.Above is a wonderful birthday gift I recieved from my sweet friend Theresa Dulaney Woods Blog.She is also having a giveaway right now posted on my sidebar....Next up..Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE Dove caramel chocolates,Well I found these....
Oh my goodness pure heavenly yuminess! And yes I do read the inside of every wrapper..smile..
Would not be Christmas unless we give of the heart.This year I'm trying to do more handmade by me.So busily making some gifts for friends and family....

 So a few weeks ago I found a huge box of vintage mecury and shiny brite bulbs.Growing up these are what we had on our tree and tons of silver tinsel (always a real tree too)..So even though I'm selling them it has been fun going through and seeing the ones we hung on my childhood tree.Yes I'll keep a few of the special ones...
 Sweet snowfolk dreaming of a white Christmas..
 And so many of you have ask and emailed about were I got the Santa picture....
I used to work for boyds but what most people don't know before they were famous for the bears, they started off in our rural town making antique reproductions and wood decoys by hand.When the company grew into the bear company they had another line that did country,primitive,victorian reproductions.Artist would submit samples and they would decide if they would mass produce the item.If you worked for the company they had employee sales and alot of the one of a kinds were sold.So since I've never seen another one of these and it was bought at a employee sale it is either a sample that never went into production or because of the size it may have been a store display. It's been so fun visiting everyone.Hope to get back to commenting more this week and just slowing down and getting into the Holiday spirit...So much inspiration and all are welcome to join in the fun hosted by Misi and Robyn just click on the links on my sidebar.Warm Blessings!~Amy


Primitive Stars said...

Morning Amy, hot cocoa and looking at lights, oh ya......that peppermint Dove bar looks so yummy, we don't get that here in Canada.........those vintage balls are so pretty, I decorate my tree with them to.......Enjoy the day, Francine.

A Primitive Place ~ Tammy said...

Good morning Amy,
That stocking is amazing. What a wonderful birthday gift.
Pepermint bark candy, YUM! I am going to have to go look for that!
I saw some of your globes in your Etsy shop.
If I ever get some me money and they are still available, I'll be grabing them. I am wanting to try to make one of those gorgeous bulb wreaths neaxt year. And I am going to need lots of old ornaments for it. :)
I love those wreaths, but they are around $150 on Etsy. Yes, Im sure they are worth every penny but my pocket book cant afford that right now. :) so hoping by next year to make my own. (Babbling again, Sorry!)
I adore your Snowfolks!
I didnt know that about Boyds! How neat!~ And how lucky you were to be able to get some of the items.
Have a great week.

Marsha @ Tattered Chick said...

Loved your post. I think we get so caught up in decorating, getting cards out etc that we don't take time to relax and enjoy the season. After I mail my cards today and my hubby's bday this week I am going to call it done and sit back and enjoy!


1890* said...

A whole bunch of goodies post! {{Hugs}}
Love the old glass bobbles Amy .. My plan is to buy less Halloween decor goodies next year and instead budget for an antique tinsel tree & the old trimmings for Christmas..My new kitties should be well trained by then.. lol i can't enjoy a single Christmas movie without having to get up every 5 mins and pull a kitty out of the tree

Wishing you a very merry week ahead

Trace4J said...

Morning Friend
What a beautiful stocking and I love your Santas.
Handmade with love are truly the very best gifts.
I love the dove peppermint bark.
Woolie Christmas Love


Beckyjean said...

Good morning Amy~

Love the stocking from Theresa!!

Have a wonderful day~Becky

Karen said...

Hi Amy, what a fun interesing post.
I did not know that about Boyds Bears beginnings. Thanks for sharing this bit of history.

Gorgeous stocking - oh to be able to cross stitch again but the eyes say NOOOOO!

Oh to have those vintage ornaments...how awesome.


Christine said...

I LOVE the x stitched stocking!
And lucky you to own the Santa painting it really is wonderful!
Enjoy the movies and lights with the girls!

jennifer768 said...

Love your stocking,a wonderful gift!Such a great Santa picture,so lucky for you.Hugs,Jen

prims by olde lady morgan said...

Amy, so many wonderful delights here, oh the stocking, simply love! ornies, oh skip goes the heart, and doves peppermint bark, oh the best! YUMMO! Try the new M&M white chocolate peppermint ones too! OLM

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

I loved the story behind Boyds....

frontporchprims said...

Hi Amy. You sound so busy. Hopefully you can relax and begin to enjoy the Christmas season before it ends:) The Dove's are making my mouth water. They are my favorites too. Especially the pepperming ones. The bulbs you have shown there look just like the one's we had too. It makes me wish for some myself. I loved those ornaments as a child and would carefully look at each one before it went on the tree. Your waxed Santas are really neat. I don't think I have ever seen one that light colored before. And as for the Santa print. That's a neat story. You have one of a kind there. Very cool.

bettyj said...

Well the stocking is gorgeous. I really liked that. The wax santa's too caught my eye, but jumping in the car looking at Christmas lights and drinking hot chocolate, just made me want to hurry to your house in time to go. Love the old bulbs as that is what we used when I was growing up and when my kids were. The Santa picture. OH MY!!!!!!Spectacular. Just trying hard not to covet him. Thanks for the history lesson.

tj said...

...Ah, hot cocoa and Christmas lights, a lovely combo indeed! Enjoy! :o)

...Don't you just love old ornaments? If I brought home every box of old ornaments I've come across in an antiques shop, I'd be in some serious ornament hoarding trouble! lol...

...It didn't even get above 32 degrees here today - I love it! All we need now is, snow. I love snow, don't you?

...Have a lovely evening!

...Blessings. :o)

Prims By The Water said...

Just an amazing stocking Amy! Love your snowmen and I spotted a cue little elf too ! Take care and enjoy your dove candy. Janice

Primsue said...

Amy, what a delightful post. The stocking is gorgeous. I did not know that about Boyd's - very interesting and how wonderful that you have that gorgeous picture.

Theresa said...

I love old ornaments too...I have about a dozen that belonged to my grandmother. I just love the way they look timeworn and loved. :0). The peppermint Dove bark is divine...it's one of my favorites too. Thank you for telling us about your Santa painting....he is lovely!

cynthia lee designs said...

I just learned something new about Boyd's. Love the Santa print!! Oh my...how I love pepperment bark!! I have several of my grandma's ornamnets...love old ornamnets and ones that look old too.

Primlish ♥ said...

What a sweet gift from the talented Teresa! I'm gonna have to be on the lookout for some of those yummy Dove chocolates.
Beautiful displays!!

Cindi said...

There you are! I was missing you girl! Oh yes you told me you started working at Boyd's before it was BOYD"S! It is truly a special picture. The stocking is beautiful! I don't know Teresa but what wonderful gift she gave you! What fun going to look at Christmas lights, I do that a couple times a year, really love it when I go out of town and have to drive at night so I get to see new ones. I do hope you get to relax and enjoy the season my friend, you deserve it!
Be blessed,

TheCrankyCrow said...

Oh....heck....tis not the season to pout or covet, but I am definitely all kinds of coveting that stocking of yours!! Dang Theresa!! ;o) And do I spy Kimberly snowfolk??? ;o) Dove peppermint bark candies, hey??? Looks like I won't be getting to the candy-making part of this season, so, sounds like an awesome stand-in.... And, last, but not least - thanks for the info on the Santa picture....I love him! What an interesting piece of history....I didn't know any of it! Looks like you have yourself a treasure!! (Oh - and the bulbs....I love the old ones - we used to have an old iron (like in ironing) box that held our "special" ornies and I remembered decorating the tree with them each year. I think they were my grandparents. Last year I asked my mom if I could look for them because she no longer used them on her tree - she said sure - but, alas, I found the box, but no ornaments. boo hoo..... Smiles & Merry Hugs ~ Robin