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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Gifts from Robin

 I've thought so many times of hitting the post button in the last few days but then didn't.I just have a cloud hanging over me this holiday and have been trying to get out of the funk and get some Holiday spirit.Alot of personal things and struggles going on but usually I'm a person who bounces back fast but for some reason this seems to be hanging with me.Hate to be in a Bah Humbug mood so trying to find the Joy.So many of you sweet girls have inspired me and shown the true meaning of the holidays and have really enjoyed seeing everyones postings.Today will be spent cleaning,baking and watching some christmas movies.Just trying to get my mind off of things especially things I can not change....Now a long over due Thank You to my sweet friend Robin The Primitive Hutch We recently did a swap you can click her blog to see what I sent her..Robin sent me some wonderful gifts and spoiled me....Black Prairie doll..Bird on old oiler..Stitched picture...
 Sweet Ginger Love...
 Had to giggle in the snowman tin I thought Robin had sent something Yummy like cookies..Nope inside was a bag of my favorite Dove caramels..She knows how to make me smile...
Such wonderful gifts from a dear friend! Well hoping all are enjoying your holiday activities and remembering the true meaning of the season.Warm Blessings!~Amy


denise said...

what a nice swap. i'm doing the same as you today clean,bake and christmas movies or just listen to christmas music. enjoy your day! Merry Christmas!!!! denise

Primitive Stars said...

Morning Dear Friend, it is real hard to be in the Holiday spirit with all the sad news, but.....we must remember the reason for the season.........Love your swap goodies from Robin, such sweet gifts, love the dolly, snowman, well everything, so very thoughtful........Merry Merry Amy, Hugs Francine.

Marsha @ Tattered Chick said...

What lovelies you received Amy! I am sorry you have been having a difficult time. I will include you in my prayers. (Hug)

cucki said...

Very sweet swap and lovely goodies you received :)
I am thinking of you so much dear xxx

Beckyjean said...

Good Morning Amy~

Wonderful swap gifts!! Hope you find your Holiday joy.

Sending hugs to you~Becky

cynthia lee designs said...

So sorry to hear that you have been having a difficult time. I just read this saying on someones blog... Not everyday in our lifes is perfect, but everyday does have joy in it. Find the joy in the littlest of things.
Hope you are feeling better soon.
Sending hugs your way!!

Kim said...

Hi Amy,
Sweet gifts from Robin!! I hope you are feeling better soon!

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Hello Dear Sweet Amy!
I'm so glad you liked all of the goodies I sent. I had so much fun putting it all together for you.

So sorry to hear your having the blues.
Wishing that you find some joy in the coming days.
Prim Blessings

Christine said...

Robin's gifts are precious! Really hope you enjoy the season and feel the love of friendships and family.
God bless

jennifer768 said...

Hi Amy ,praying for you dear one.It is a hard season this year for me as well.Love the lovelies that Robin sent you.Merry Christmas,Jen

Barbara Shores ~ Village Folk Art said...

Hope you are able to cheer up real soon. I can be difficult at times especially with the sadness in Newtown. It will pass in due time with hopes to keep the Christmas Spirit with prayer, Love, & Peace. Love visiting you and your Blog ... I will be back.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,

Karen said...

Hi Amy,
Well if these sweet wonderful gifts from Robin didn't bring you out of your slump then I don't know what will...what wonderful goodies!
I sure hope it worked.

bettyj said...

Beautiful gifts. Sorry you are losing your joy. Hurry and find it, because life is good, even when its bad.

Heather Wise said...

So many bloggers are feeling this way now... I am so sorry you are struggling! I will be praying for you, my dear! I love your treasures! How fun! Chocolate can soothe the soul too... Prayer and chocolate...

Hugs and love, dear Amy!

TheCrankyCrow said...

Oh....I love that woman's style. Lucky you to have swapped with her!! Lovin' every stinkin' thing.

I've been in that "funk" for two seasons now. Never, ever, thought it would happen to me....the one who starts wearing Christmas socks and listening to Christmas music on November 1st...pronto. Don't know. This season has been especially tough. Today I moved my mom to an assisted nursing facility (from a nursing home) - it was about a 45 minute drive and she just kept begging me to "take her home." :o( Hugs to you, friend....Robin

Cindi said...

(((Amy)))) it saddens me to know that you are in a funk and that the joy is hiding on you! I hope you search it out and find it really soon. I am praying for you dear friend!
The swap items are so precious! Know you are in my thoughts and prayers!
Be blessed,

Firecracker Kid said...

Real nice gifts you got there :) Hang in there darling,hopefully your blahs will pass soon. Think about the true reason for the season.
Merry Christmas,

Jean @ Prim Crafts said...

Wonderful gifts from Robin, Amy. Focus on what you have~ your dad, your nieces and your grandma~ Like I tell Julie, God always provides when we need it most. Hope you find Joy in them and what the true reason of Christmas is.

Allison said...

Love your swaps packages! I hope you are feeling more cheerful soon.

I've enjoyed being in your swaps this year.

frontporchprims said...

Some holiday's are like that:( I hope that you had a good Christmas despite all that is going on. I am glad that you have a wonderful friend like Robin to help you feel loved and happy. -Steph-