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Friday, October 7, 2011

More Autumn around the House

Well girls you may want to grab a warm cuppa as this is a picture heavy and chatty post..I have one more fall display post but I'm saving it for display chain on tuesday...

Today is the girls birthday the big 9 oh my growing sooo fast.We are all going out to dinner tonight at a buffet.About 20 of us.Grandma,cousins,aunts,uncles been a few years since we've all done this..The girls are getting gift bags from me and I saw the cutest thing on Pinterest were you do a bag with a snack size hershey bar,graham crackers and marshmellow ghost to make halloween smores so I'm making up some of those to include.They love roasting marshmellows on sundays by the bonfire...

The rain finally stopped after 2 months of rain almost daily we were so surprised to have beautiful sunny skies.Been chilly but this weekend is supposed to be beautiful..I'm a little nervous because I decided to purge some of my personal things for fleamarket this weekend.I decided I'm going to do saturday and sunday because with the weather,taking care of dad, and life in general I haven't had much time to make money and hubby's work has been slow.I'm a person who has to be comfortable, not a ton of money but secure so I decided with winter on the way I want some extra money thus letting go of a few things of mine.The reason I'm nervous is when you sell things you don't care about it doesn't matter if people are rude or cheap or plain ignorant which believe me they are.But when you sell things you love and know you are giving a good deal,the comments and rudeness are a little harder to bite the tongue and deal with..Don't get me wrong I have wonderful customers,friends and shop owners who know they can easily make money on me but then there are the people who think you should give your things to them.Don't tell me it's the economy rudeness does not come from that.If they can buy a $6 hamburg and $3 drink they can afford not to ask me to go $1 on a $5 item.Ok enough griping like I said just nervous if they want the good stuff resonable I'll definatly have it.I'm taking some old firkins,my graduated set of brown band yelloware bowls,crocks, antique large snowdrift and campfire marhmellow tins, and some prims.Now don't worry girls my house is still full and I'm definatly still buying..smile..In fact the stuff that's going are things that have been sitting looking for a home for a long time or things I've bought new things to replace.

Hubby just bought me a antique black licorice box I love.I'll show you in a few days..

Dad is still taking up alot of my time.He seems to be doing better but the doctor told him he's only got a 50/50 chance which took us totally by surprise so now I'm glad I have been doing everything I can.They are upset he lost 5 lbs which I think is partly because when he was in the hospitol they wouldn't let him eat for a week.He says he is eating less because the clostomy bag bothers him.I've been making sure he has good food which he eats.He's got a case worker now to help with all the insurance and she is trying to get him food stamps which will help lessen the burdon on my budget a little.Now let me say I don't think food stamps are a good thing for most people but my dad has worked for 45 years never taking a penny or hand out so since he can't work and has paid into taxes all these years he is the right type of person who should get some help..He also has a visiting nurse helping 2 days a week now..The doctor says he needs chemo again and is going in 3 weeks.he's upset that they won't give him the pills this time and will do it IV...I've accepted whatever the outcome is I've been there and did what I can and will continue..Just got to enjoy each day and let the people you love know while you still got them.Other than pain though he does not seem sick to me..

Easing into Autumn it's my favorite time of year! As soon as the ground dries out we are taking a day trip with the girls to a corn maze.We'll probly get lost but should be fun.I've been watching a few spooky movies I don't like gorey ones.More atmospheric whith big old houses and maybe a ghost hiding in the corner or a good mystery.I think I look at the old houses more though LoL I watched practical magic last night and noticed the trencher,yelloware and cupboards more than the movie. Also been trying out alot of comfort foods and baking with the cooler temps.The leaves are changing I'll have to get some pics they are amazing here in PA...

I've got lots of pics of new finds and some swaps to share so will be back soon with those.Oh I also wanted to let people know alot of your blogs won't let me comment there are others having the problem too.If you change your comments to pop up it fixes the problem.I'm missing alot of giveaways because of it and don't have time to email each of you personally.

Wanted to remind you if you want to get in the Christmas at the Cabin swap sign ups are till sunday.Click on the link at top sidebar for rules and sign ups..Thanks for sticking with me through the long post..Anything special planned for the weekend or special things your doing for fall? I just keep thinking how fast christmas is coming up.EEek!

Warmest Blessings and Happy Friday!~Amy


renee said...

Hi Amy!
I love your displays! Well, I know people can really be something else! I hope that things pick up for you and your hubby too!
Brandon is going to a corn maze with his friend, they are excited about that. I love to sit by the fire, we don't have a fire pit~ yet. It's on the long wish list! LOL!
Don't be ashamed for the food stamps, sometimes they are NEEDED, and there are plenty of those that take advantage, however, this is not in that category~ your dad shouldn't feel ashamed at all!
I really hope that he will recover, I am sorry that he is gong to have more chemo again. Are you able to get a break now and then? Please take care of yourself.
I mailed my swap out~ just to let you know. Geesh, I was a little behind. I also never have heard from Tiffaney, she hasn't been blogging or anything. I hope she is alright.
Have a good weekend.

Traci said...

Hi Amy... yes, doesn't that sunshine look nice! Wishing all the best to your dad...he deserved a little help. Hope the market goes well for you this weekend.
Love you fall displays, everything looks great~
P.S. Happy 9th BD to the girls..eat lots tonight

Lynn said...

Hi Amy,
I love your home and the way you decorate it. I hope you do well at the flea market and I pray that God ties the mouths of the rude people so that they can't be rude. I wish more people would understand how the words they speak can break a heart and cut to the bone and they can't be taken back once they are said. Thank you so much for the prayers for me. They are surely needed and appreciated.
Have a wonderful weekend and I look forwarded to seeing more of your home and the decor.

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

love your new header photo and love all of your fall goodies..I would love to see photos of your firkins and the prices too..been looking for the graduated in size ones..can't find anything like it here..have a wonderful weekend.)

Penny said...

Love the pics of your autumn decos -- everything looks wonderful!

I'm sorry to hear your dad needs more chemo.... cont'd. prayers for him and for you -- stay strong and know you are doing everything you can for him. Food stamps are nothing to be ashamed of -- they are meant for people just like your dad -- who has worked hard his whole life and now needs some help himself..... Too bad there are so many bad eggs out there who abuse this kind of benefit....

Have fun at the b'day party for the girls tonight!! Your gift bag with Halloween s'mores sounds so cute and like something they will really enjoy! I will have to keep that idea in mind....

Good luck at the market -- I hope your wonderful goodies go to good homes with people who appreciate them for their history and value!!

Theresa said...

Amy everything looks fantastic!!!! You have a great eye for detail. I'm sorry to hear about your Dad...I wish it was better news. I'll be thinking of you and try to stay positive...you still have a long journey ahead. Big Hugs!!!

Bittersweetfolkart said...

It all looks so warm and inviting..thanks for sharing..

TheCrankyCrow said...

Oh, no....not the firkins!!! I love firkins - and they're a devil to find 'round here!! Wishing you luck tho - and kind souls at your booth. Wishing your father well - and continuing my prayers - more chemo isn't going to be fun, and 50/50 isn't the best prognosis - but it's still a 1 in 2 chance....Your fall decor looks scrumptious as usual...Happy B-day to the girls....Hope you had a wonderful evening of memory-making together....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Stacy said...

Your fall decor looks great, sending you a big hug and wishes for a great (rude people free) day at your booth.
:) Stacy

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

Oh, Amy.... My heart goes out to you and your Dad. All you can do is enjoy and appreciate every moment. You know you won't dwell on the bad moments when he is resting with God. You will just remember the precious times, so find them now. Smile because it is happening. I am really sorry that the doctor gave you such a pessimistic prognosis. Two years ago, my Dad's doctor told us girls that Dad has a blockage in his carotid artery, about 80%. He told Dad and Mom there was no reason for surgery. Dad was 80 then and the doc had told us girls that he probably couldn't survive the surgery and that the dementia would progress, but he could have another 5 years. Be on the lookout for symptoms of a stroke. Well, 2 years have passed and he seems to be doing okay. Sometimes, I wish Mom knew how serious his situation is but she could never keep it to herself. So, we girls just enjoy every moment we have with him. We don't feel any pressure or sadness. He has had a good life and we all love him. I know it will be painful to let go of him and really hard on Mom, but there really is nothing we can do. I guess I'm just trying to say that there are so many things that are out of our control. We do best when we let go and let God. I'm not sure if I would ever have the courage your Dad displays. I believe I would give up and let nature take its course. He is so brave to keep fighting.
There is nothing wrong with accepting everything/anything available to help out in this situation. He has worked all his life and it is like part of a retirement program that he has faithfully paid into.
You really do need to take a day off for Amy.....
Your fall decor is delicious and I hope you sell everything in good weather. Though I really would love to have more yellow ware bowls.*sigh* :)
Warmest autumn blessings!