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Monday, January 9, 2012

Some Tweeks and I've been tagged

Well girls seems like this month is just flying right on by! Wasn't Christmas a few days ago? I've been working on some gifts for swaps,enjoying some reading and tweeking a little around the house.In my efforts to simplify I sold alot of stuff but some things were just to special so I packed them away they are slowly finding their way back into the displays.I realize I get to attached to things and will never be a simple girl.You love what you love...smile...Love this german mohair bear....Below my other love George.Had to rearrange so the make do my SIL made me could fit....Isn't he handsome?

Antique Childrens Games and shoes....Love the graphics so nostalgic!

These little dolls are from differnt artist but the go perfect together....

Sweet Linda sent me the crow stitchery a while back and finally got it displayed...

Added the redware pitcher to the clock keepers slant desk...

Just little changes...Now Marti tagged me so I have to answer her questions.Stop by and visit her blog too.
Here are her questions and my answers....
1. Where do you like to vacation~ Don't vacation much but love day trips to historic places
2. Do you have pets ~ Yes 3 Mung a beagle, Boo a jack/beagle and Gus sugar baby my cat who thinks he's a dog
3. What is your favorite color ~ Depends for decorating tans, For clothes Green or pink (yep like girly stuff)
4. How many are in your family ~ Just me and Hubby but we've helped raise several children.
5. What is your least favorite thing to do ~ Hmmm do I want to answer this one? Close tie with paying the bills and cleaning dog poo up in the yard.
6. What is your most favorite thing to do~ Yard and Estate Sales, Decorate,visit with friends and family,blogging
7. If money were no object what would you like to do when you retire~ Move to Maine and live in a historical Colonial house or a big cabin in the mountains.Anywere that it snows alot.Would have to have all 4 seasons.
8. What is your favorite season ~ Fall
9. What book are you currently reading ~ Early American Country Homes and a Judy Condon Book.
10.What time do you go to bed, get up in the morning~ I don't sleep well so usually go to bed around 11 pm and up around 4 am (actually up about 3 times in between). 6 am is a sleep in day for me.LoL
11.How long have you been blogging~ About a year and a half but I was a stalker before that.So glad I started my own, if you're on the fence just do it so many wonderful people and if you stay on the old version of blogger it's pretty easy.

Well girls hope you are having a wonderful day.I got a busy next few days gotta catch up all dad's stuff since I've been sick I stayed away.Sent hubby over with food to make sure he's eating and ok.Warm Blessings!~Amy


Tammy ~ A Primitive Place said...

Love your goodies.
Better lock your doors because I think your teddy and George need to come live with me!! :) LOL!!


Sheila said...

Amy, I really enjoyed seeing all your tweaking! Jean did a wonderful job making that George for you. Love his honorary display.
LOL at the answer to #5!
Doing some cleaning and tweaking too.
Need to take pics when finished.
Hope your dad is doing well.

cucki said...

aww very sweet goodies..i love then so much..
love for you..
bug hugs cucki xx

Penny said...

Enjoyed seeing all your tweaking -- and I really love the teddy and George!!

I also enjoyed learning a little more about you from your answers to the tag....

Hope you have a happy week!

Wendy @ Ravenwood Whimzies said...

Thanks so much for sharing your pics ...I love your George also! Enjoyed getting to learn new things about you via your Q & A.
Have a nice week Amy! Blessings

Rugs and Pugs said...

Amy ~
Love the Q & A. Thanks for sharing.
Hugs :)

Tolentreasures said...

Love your displays! I have trouble simplifying also...in all aspects.



Your displays are great, I don't blame you for wanting to have them out, especially love the vintage children's items. Hope you have a great week.

Angie Berry said...

I'm with you, my friend... I don't think I will ever be a simple girl either. I just don't have it in me, lol.

I love the German mohair bear too, he is adorable! The displays that you tweaked look great. Love the patriotic! I have it in my home year round.

I had no idea that you don't have kids. My dog acts like a child sometimes so I think dogs and cats do count as kids, lol I enjoyed reading more about you. =]

Stacy said...

Love all the new "old" displays! I try to be a simple girl, but that just isnt me I guess. I like to be surrounded by "things" I love!! hehe

bettyj said...

Love reading the answers about fellow bloggers. Helps us know one another, better. Love your tweaks. You are right blogging is fun and it isn't hard.


Hi Amy,
I love your goodies, and I think I am in love with George. I like to have my things around me too...just can't put them away or get rid of them.

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

It seems like I am always purging and yet, I have sooooo much stuff that I can't bear to part with. I will never be a simple girl either....
Hope you have better luck getting your Dad's stuff straightened out.

★ Linda ★

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

All your tweaking turned out great!!!
Love all your prim goodies too!
Your teddy bear is sweet!!!
Glad to see that you are feeling better.
Have a great week!
Prim Blessings

Kendra said...

Thanks for sharing. It's fun to get to know the fun little things about people you "know". I didn't realize that you have only been blogging for 1 1/2 years, you're an old pro and I love your blog you know!

The house looks great!


Sweet Bear Creek Whims said...

I love all your beautiful treasures! especially the bear!! :-)

Lynn said...

Hi Amy,
Glad you are feeling better. I would love to see pics of the rooms in your home so I can see all of your decorating style, ok, I am just a little nosey:O) gotta love me right LOL
Have a wonderful day!
I love all of your tweaking!

TheCrankyCrow said...

Oh I can so relate.....I drool over the Colonial styled homes with their minimalist decor and think "I want THAT!" But, then it comes time to "getting rid of" and I just can't - or if I do, I just use it as an excuse to get more! I love too many things and too many styles. So, "simple" I'll never be. Your displays are, as always, awesome!! Sorry I'm running so far behind here...think it's going to be my new "norm" unfortunately. Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin