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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Chit Chat and a few Things for sale

Good morning friends! Don't forget to thank a veteran today..Well not much going on today.The twins will be coming over a little later.Brianna has been a little extra bad for me lately.She is a thinker like me and tends to let things get to her.In her short little 8 years she's had alot to deal with.Hannah tends to let things go and doesn't dwell.They've been with my mom most of their life but know too much about their mom (my sister) and it bothers Brianna so she acts bratty sometimes.They are surrounded by love and spoiled.I need to think of a easy project to do this afternoon for them.Any ideas? I'm thinking maybe placemats for thanksgiving.Last night I went to the antique mall they had a dear cupboard on sale I've been watching a while,so I stood and looked at it for 10 minutes and thought of all the places to put it and I could not think of any
without having to rearrange like two rooms (which I did a month ago) Hubby said he's not moving all the furniture again so I decided I really don't need that piece.What I need is a old big corner cupboard which I'm having trouble finding for a price I want to pay.He saw a wood barrel a few weeks ago I think it was a advertising display of some sort as it opens in the middle.It's about 3 ft and will be a nice display it has a old look but it's only 1974.She gave it to him half off what she was asking.I found a old salt glaze crock with a blue # not sure if it's 3 or 2 gallon.I'll get pics and show them to you tomorrow.I collect mostly blue decorated crocks or ones with names.I'm trying to get a few new ideas for holiday recipes together but haven't had much time to sit and look at magazines and books.I normally do Pumpkin Cheesecake for thanksgiving and a black russian cake for christmas but want to try something differnt and add a few new sides. Last night I also went to Walmart as I wanted to do the silicone light strands for my tree this year,well after I figured up the cost as I only wanted to do two strands for me.I thought it would be cheaper to buy them.So I looked online boy are they expensive.Now I'm wondering if it will make much of a differnce than my regular white lights to verify the extra cost? Does anyone use these? Does it make enough differnce to really notice? Does anyone make these and want to swap something I make or know where I can buy them online for a fair price.I'd like to have 100 light strand.Ok so after the display chain I had a few people ask me about selling,I do sell on my etsy shop some hand dids under my handmade section but here are a few things I have available or can get done.I know a few of you wanted the stick leg sheep I'm going to try to work on some of them early next week and if I'm able to get them done I'll let you know.Below is what I'm able to offer right now if you are interested email me at cottageprims@centurylink.net and I'll send you a paypal invoice.I'm also open to some swapping things I'm looking for are ditty bags, Bonnet. silicone light strand, pairie dolls,hooked rug anything,primitive snowman ornies,black dolls, a table runner with twig tree stichery on both ends.wood sign that reads Primitive Gatherings...Below is what I have time for and what's available..First emails have first choices.

Beeswax sheep bowl filler/ornie.Spiced rubbed available in natural (vanilla cookie scent) or black(cinnamon bun scent) $7.50 each shipping is included. 4 available

Scented jar candles..Done in antique blue ball jars (quart size) burn 80+ hours beeswax blend strongly scented the whole way to the bottom.. $18 each includes shipping..scent choices are
Pumpkin Crunch Cake,Gingerbread Man (spicy warm scent) Red Delicious Apple, Maple Glazed Apple (one of my favorites), Stix and Cider, Blueberry Muffin,Cranberry Cobbler I do have many other scents if you are looking for something special. 4 available (let me know if you prefer holiday tag or everyday primitive tag)

Hand dipped grungy tapers scented in cinnamon creme brulee and dusted in spice. Stick not included extra wick on bottom for tieing. 3 per set $9.50 per set shipped 3 sets available.

I still have turkeys and indian corn in my etsy shop.Reminder don't forget the giveaway click on the prim sheep on the top sidebar.Well hope everyone has a fantastic day.It's supposed to reach 58 here today.Harvest blessings.


Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

I love your sheep! Where did you find your mold?

cottageprims said...

Linda~ The mold was found at fleamarket a while back.It's older like 30 years so I don't think they make them anymore.Hugs!~Amy