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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Good Old Days

Well girls it's been a busy summer.Summers are always my busy time but I'm looking forward to Fall. As you can see by the top pic I've already started my shopping for fall..The second pic is the barrel out of hubby's pick I kept after all you girls thought I should keep one..smile..Here are a few of the things I've kept the last few weeks.Hubby bought home the Squirrel Taffy Box and Whisk Broom.The duck is a antique hand carved decoyI found and debated on because I knew I'd end up keeping it.I've been trying really hard not to keep but when you are a seller and love prims it's hard sometimes.
Well this week is our town Good Old Days. Which means they have a small parade and the whole town has yardsale then saturday they have a flea market at the park. I'll be having Sale friday and saturday at home.I did sneak out today to a few sales.We have people come from out of state just to buy from our sale each year mainly dealers.Here are a few of the things I'll be selling (plus tons more)...
On another note we have been having some problems with Hannah emotionly.She keeps having meltdowns and the crying last sometimes a few days straight.Mom has taking her to the dr but they are not sure if she is depressed or if it's from her CP..Up to this point she hasn't had much trouble with it other than a slight limp since the surgery.So if you could just say a prayer as she goes back to school in a week..Also my friend was gardening and a rabid racoon attacked her.She had to beat it off with the digger tool she was using and now has to get rabie shots.They told her they do not catch them that she would have to.Scarey because it's not to far from grandma's farm.We are expecting cool temps the next few days so should be perfect for the sale.The fall swap is posted as well,just click on the link on the top sidebar for sign up rules.Well hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!~Amy


Denise said...

you have such awesome things.

Melissa said...

Poor Hannah :-( I will be praying for her.. I really hope it's not depression.. That is a long hard road..
Sounds like your weekend is going to be lots of fun! :-) I love all your goodies you are going to be selling, I wish I lived closer!! I especially love your little pumpkin doll and candle in the first pic.. What kind of candle is that? Our temps shot back up in the 100's again the last few days, booooo!!! Totally lost the fall feeling.. Enjoy your cool weather and wonderful weekend! Hugs!!! Melissa

Marsha @ Tattered Chick said...

Prayers being said for Hannah. Not prying, but what kind of dr? I am all for seeking therapy when one needs it! I had to when my mom passed away.

OHHHHH, Amy, wish I lived close to you but then I'd be broke, LOL, LOVE those galvanized buckets and the whisk broom (I have a thing for whisks) and the boxes AND the washboards! All things I collect!

YIKEES! Hope they can find the raccoon. Years ago when my sister was a toddler, she got bit by a gopher. My dad killed it and threw it over the fence into the ravine. They told him the same thing, find the gopher or she'd have to get rabies shots. So I had to go behind the fence and get it. Hmmm, I wonder if that's why to this day I cringe at dead critters like rats etc . . . .

Sell it all this weekend!!!!


Penny said...

Will pray for Hannah....I hope they are able to get to the bottom of her problem and be able to treat her.... Poor thing....
The items you have for the sale are wonderful, and I'm sure you'll sell a lot! Good luck and have fun!
Oh dear.... the raccoon bite is scary.... we had to have animal conrol come and relocate a nest of them living in a tree by our home when our girls were little.... we were having trouble in the area with rabid animals and I was so afraid of them.... You just never know.... hope they can find the one that bit her....

Simple Pleasures said...

Yikes, that's scary stuff! I love all your goodies for sale, especially those boxes. Wish I was closer.
Prayers for Hannah.
I forgot to sign up, emailing you now.
Good luck with the sale.

cynthia lee designs said...

Oh...how I wish that I lived closer to you...I see some awesome boxes that I would love to have. Hope you have a great sale!!
Sending up prayers for Hannah and for your friend.

Cindi said...

Hi Amy,
I am another one that wishes I lived closer, just love those wash tubs and those boxes, an...and and! Sounds like it will be a fun and busy weekend.
Praying for Hannah, bless her heart!
Have a fun and successful weekend!
Be blessed,

Christine said...

Hello Amy!
You have so many wonderful prims for sale! You are sure to have a busy weekend with sales!

I'll remember Hannah in prayer. Must be so worrying.
Best wishes

bettyj said...

Sure wish I could come to your yard sale. Poor Hannah, she may be dreading going back to school. Sometimes emotions just get the best of youngsters. Praying you can sort it out, and she will be happy again shortly.You are such a good auntie. My granddaughter had a bat get in the house and she had to take rabie shots. No fun!

annie said...

Lovely things!
Poor Hannah, hoping it gets better!

A raccoon will come into a catch alive trap, like for cats. Take a piece of fried chicken with the bone still in it. Tie it to the spring trap, so it won't come loose easily. Put some boards or something around the sides so the raccoon can only get the meat if it goes inside the trap. My husband has caught many of them, when they come through here raiding the garbage cans. It does work.

I hope they can catch it, so your friend will not have to take those injections.

pembrokeshire lass said...

Yes, I too, wish I could live closer....There are so many of the things you have for sale that I would like
I'm so sorry to hear about Hannah and do hope that the Dr can find out the reason and help her. As for the racoon. Am I glad that we don't have those in the UK!! Have a good weekend. Joan

Raymond Homestead said...

Hi Amy, I sure would come to your sale if I lived closer! Will remember Hannah in prayer, bless her heart.

Lynn said...

OMG< I see so many things that I would love to purchase, the crocks, the wood crates/boxes(I am addicted to those things)!! OH, what a fun job your hubby has!! Maybe I should suggest hubby change jobs LOL, we don't have that many old homes around here anymore! Family has them torn down or burnt down by our fire department and then try to sell the land and guess what? Every property that has done that in the last 20 years still has that for sale sign up!!!! I think it is KARMA from generations of family that lived and earned a living off of that land! I am sure you will do
great at the sales! Our temps are cooler too! Have not ran the AC since Thursday! OUr power bill for last much was over 284~~ Up from 169 in June! I called the power company and asked why and they could not give me an answer! We are forced to use Duke-energy in this part of NC as they are the only power company provider so you are at their mercy!! Just makes me so mad. We have not used more power this month than the previous month so I do not understand it. Our meter is over 30 years old and she is telling me it is read by a computer! How when it isn't even a new meter they did not have computers at the power company in the 80s and that meter was here when we moved in so no telling how old it really is! Oh well sorry to vent!

Danice said...

Oh my goodness! Praying for Hannah and your gardening friend. All of your new items are definitely keepers. 'Especially love the rub boards and the brown jugs :)

Farmhouse prims said...

Hi Amy, so many goodies you are offering, I would love to come to your sell. I spotted the tubs, would love them for sure. Praying for sweet Hannah! Hugs, Lecia

Kendra said...

I will pray for both your niece (correct?) and your friend (that is so scary, minding your own business in your garden and out of no where a raccoon, that's crazy!).
I'm loving the duck decoy...I have my Grandpa's sitting up at the lake house.

steph said...

There is nothing worse that having an unhappy child. I am sorry that you have to deal with this right now. Prayers for you and for Hannah.
Your goodes are awesome. I could not part with any of it:) It's cool that you have dealers come all the way to your sales. I love the crates. The wood is so pretty.

prims by olde lady morgan said...


I so hope things are working out for Hannah!!!
OK, YIKES!! Look at all those wonderful goodies.. but I must say that squirrel box really caught my eye... keep me in mind if you ever part with it! :) OLM

jody said...

Oh my Amy! I would love to come shop your treasures! It is soo hard to not keep all the prims we find! The next best thing tho is selling it to your sister with a sister discount!
Prayers for Hanna and your friend! Enjoy your day!!