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Friday, January 7, 2011

Just Stopping in to say Hi!

Good Morning Ya'll! Hope everyone had a good week.I've been doing the norm.Got the house cleaned yesterday so today I'm going to be lazy.(smile) I've been busy working on my swap stuff.Got 1 done and another almost done.I'll post pics after everyone recives their goodies in a few weeks...Had a day with just Brianna,it's nice to have a day with just one of the girls.Then I can enjoy the one on one and not be running a hundred miles a minute.Poor Hannah only got alone days once or twice with me because Brianna will throw a fit if Hannah gets to come and she don't she refuses to go to appointments so Hannah normally gets dragged along .With Hannah having alot more appointments with the cerebral palsy Brianna comes alot.Since Hannah's leg surgery she doesn't have as many appointments though....Anyway Brianna is showing interest in antiques.She especially likes my pinkeeps and old farm set and was wondering if she could have the pinkeeps when she gets to be a teenager.(I know by then she'll move on LoL) She loves to snop in corners and found old pics of her and my hubby and his sisters when they were children.Then of course I get 100 questions.....Jayson(my nephew) has strep and I was kissing all over him during the weekend so I've been taking extra vitamins and gargling alot so far I feel fine.....We got about 2 inches of snow last night.I loved waking up to the calmness.It's suppose to be bitter cold the next few days so it'll be a good time to craft,read some magazines,bake and watch some TV.....
I've been working on the giveaway prize too.I'll show you in the next few days.I just need 15 more followers to be at 150.I'll probly post it over the weekend as it has a few things I want the winner to get before Valentines Day......Hmmmm Looks like someone is on a diet for their New Years Resolution....
Wonder what his goal is? LoL...Hope you have a great friday and calm weekend! Warm Blessings!~Amy


~Madalynne~ said...

It's so fun spending the day with a little girl. They're so inquisitive.

Love the cat photo!

Carmen at Primcats said...

A giveaway! YAY! Can't wait!

Cracking up laughing at the cat!!! ROTF!


Carmen and the Primcats

Deppen homestead 1862 said...

Kitty on a diet, too cute!
Sounds like you've been having an enjoyable time!
Strep, hope you don't catch it!
A new fresh coat of snow isn't it so clean!
enjoy the day, magazines! sounds relaxing!

Brenda said...

Amy....you can't be done with the swaps, I haven't even started...lol!! My neck/back went out, visits to the Chiropracter!! UUuggg!! Take care girl...we got the frigid temps coming in this weekend with some snow...uugg again!!

Mercy Otis/The Stone House said...

Hi Amy. I'm so ready for SPRING! LOL Or at the very least warmer tempts. I love your little snow guys! Lucky you indeed! :-) The cat is a crack up. Hope you don't get strep. I love the sweet little shoes in your first picture.
Enjoy your "lazy day". I think we all NEED them every so oftern.

dee begg said...

Awww...your kitty isn't fat...she's just fluffy! LOL!

Enjoy your day.


Primsue said...

Enjoy your quiet day. I'm praying you don't get strep.


renee said...

Oh my! LOL! Your kitty on the scale is too cute! It sounds like you all had a good time together, and I hope you don't get the strep. I'll be getting stuff mailed out tomorrow. I'll need your address though because I just realized that my hubby threw out the box that had your address on it.
Have a good evening.

Mila said...

Hi Amy and Happy New year!
I'm Mila from Tuscany, Italy and I'd like inform you that you are the win of my pinkeep :))!
Pls contact me at milamarchetti@libero.it for your full address in order to send your giveaway!
Mila :)

Janean said...

you've been one busy gal!! such sweet photos too. :)

big hugs!

acorn hollow said...

Thanks for the visit I love your blog and as far as your daughter loving what you do if she goes away from it as a teen she wil come back to it as she gets old my daugther did.